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     Seafarers' life is a mobile life. The sea life has become very hectic with faster ships and modern ports. The ships stay in the port has drastically reduced and thus keeping in touch with latest happenings in the world has reduced. The question is how a seafarer can advance in his career if he cannot make use of the opportunities in time. Many times it has happened that a seafarer comes on vacation, and he comes to know that the job of his dream has just been taken by some one else. Only if he knew about it in time, the job was his, because he is confident about his qualification and the experience for that particular kind of Job.
     Jobships has recognized such a need and thus gives you the right solution to fulfill your dreams. Watch Dog will monitor every requirement of the companies, and match with your requirements. When your requirements coincide with the companies' requirements, Watch Dog will come into action and send you an instant alert. In this way, you can never miss out the opportunities.

Watch Dog can be programmed by you to give you email alert, SMS alert or call on your mobile. You can also change your requirements at any time during the alert period.

     Watch Dog facility can be utilized by any one who is the member of, whether he is an experienced seafarer looking for Shore Job / offshore job or a fresh candidate looking for a company, which offers fresh openings.