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.: Resume Blaster :.

For effective exposure of your resume, you need to send your resume to more than 2-3 companies. It is not enough to send your resume to 2 or 3 companies, as at that time, these companies may not be in need of a person of your profile. Reaching out to thousands of companies on your own could cost you several days of time and money. When you have to send your resume to several companies at one go, Resume Blaster service is the answer. Resume Blaster is the fastest, easiest and most economic way to get directly into the hands of the people who have the jobs ready for your kind of profile.

Why only Resume Blaster?
     The contacts thousands of companies world wide on every day basis. These companies are the Ship Manning and Management companies. When you blast your resume, your resume reaches to these companies directly by email. Your resume reaches to them in full format and as you have prepared. believes in direct contact and when the companies get your full resume, they will call you directly for the interview.
     You also have the choice of sending your own prepared resume or the one from We recommend to send the resume, as the information in resume is preformatted for the best presentation of your skills.

How much does it cost?
It costs 10$ for one blasting of the resume.
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