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.: 14-May-2020 :. Search News
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ChartWorld eases crew stress with free CIO+ overlay offer - ShipInsight
German navigation specialist Chartworld is offering an information overlay service free of charge to ships with compatible ECDIS to assist with relieving crew fatigue.

In a statement the company said “Over the past few months, the shipping industry has faced the issue of limited or restricted crew changes. As a result, we have seen an increasing number of reports focusing on the mental and emotional fatigue, and resulting stress, on overworked bridge teams and crew. We believe all maritime companies should do what they can to help seafarers keep safe at this time. Under these very special circumstances, ChartWorld will offer our CIO+ Information Overlay Service free of charge to all vessels until the crew exchange process has been resolved”.

ChartWorld Information Overlay, known as CIO+, is a data overlay shown in ECDIS as a user chart, loaded on top of Electronic Navigational Charts. CIO+ is designed to help the Bridge Team with the task of voyage planning and execution. CIO+ automates the process of applying additional data in ECDIS by means of User Chart Objects. It is also a user chart overlay presenting T&P notices and NAVAREA warnings as actual objects with danger attributes on top of the ENC....  ShipInsight

Posted On:14-May-2020

India: Cruise liner Seven Seas Voyager at Mumbai anchorage to drop crew - BusinessLine
Second luxury liner to arrive in India to evacuate crew after Covid crisis
Seven Seas Voyager, a luxury cruise liner owned by the New York Stock Exchange-listed Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd, is floating at the anchorage of Mumbai Port Trust awaiting the Covid-19 test results of 168 Indian crew on board ahead of disembarking them.

Four more luxury liners are expected at Indian ports over the next few days to drop off thousands of Indian crews stranded across the globe after the coronavirus outbreak forced their owners to suspend services. Their repatriation to India has sparked much outcry, particularly because of the suspension of international flights into the country, closing a key mode for their homecoming.

The cruise liners expected to dock at Indian ports include Ovation of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas, two of the largest luxury cruise ships in the world, owned by Royal Caribbean International. They are expected at Cochin, Goa and Mumbai ports to disembark thousands of seafarers.... BusinessLine

Posted On:14-May-2020

Fifteen Seafarers Abandoned on Ship Without Rudder - The Maritime Executive
Fifteen seafarers have been abandoned on a Spanish-flagged ship that does not have a rudder. The crewmembers have been left without electricity, lights, wi-fi, refrigeration, GPS, security or safety lights on MV Celanova (IMO 9268394), reports the ITF.

With batteries running low on their mobile phones, the crew, trapped 13 nautical miles out at sea, have been making calls for urgent assistance as the vessel is running dangerously low on fuel and diesel oil and the food, fresh water and medicines.

“We are strong people, but we are exhausted and now bad weather and no option to do anything if (the) vessel drag(s) the anchor,” Pedro texted the ITF on May 10. “I hope Monday could be finished this and next week could be able to berth. Under the present condition is very dangerous our situation. We will survive until Monday.” Crew have been sleeping on deck as there is no air conditioning, but storms on Sunday night forced the seafarers to take shelter in the dark below deck.

The 7,600 gross tonnage Celanova is an LPG tanker owned by GLOBALGAS SA, Madrid, Spain. The ITF says the company has left the crew without pay for months. The LPG tanker was forced to discharge its cargo of Butadiene gas to another vessel on March 7, as the vessel was running out of fuel to keep the gas refrigerated....  The Maritime Executive

Posted On:14-May-2020

India: 800 seafarers to arrive on June 5 at MPT - Oherald
Around 800 seafarers will arrive at Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) on June 5, Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant announced on Tuesday. The Chief Minister said this during an hour-long interaction with the people of the State that was held on social media.

Replying to a question on seafarers, Sawant said the State was concerned about them and hence has been interacting with Central agencies in this regard. “We have been successful in bringing the seafarers from Marella Discovery, besides the Angriya crew has already come yesterday and have been quarantined in a hotel,” he said.

The Chief Minister said that in the next few days a few cruise ships are scheduled to come directly to MPT. “On June 5, Carnival is coming to Goa with 800 crew members. The Karnika cruise will come in the next two days,” he said.

About Goans stranded abroad who have no direct flights to Goa, he said they need not worry as arrangements are being made for them. “The repatriation flights have commenced, but there are no direct flights to Goa and also not many Goans are getting tickets to nearby airports as the Indian Embassy in that country decides the priority to grant tickets,” he said....

Posted On:14-May-2020

Helpline cases triple as seafarers seek help during COVID-19 pandemic - Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
International 24-hour helpline SeafarerHelp, operated by the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), has experienced a surge in demand as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic affects seafarers worldwide.

In April 2020 alone, ISWAN’s SeafarerHelp handled over 600 new cases – more than triple the number in the same month last year. Many of these cases involve seafarers experiencing issues as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, up to 1 May 2020, the helpline has recorded over 470 COVID-19-related cases affecting more than 7,000 seafarers.

So far, the most common COVID-19-related problem reported by seafarers to SeafarerHelp is difficulty with repatriation. Crews around the world have been left stranded, unable to disembark from their vessels due to port restrictions or unable to make their home once ashore due to lockdown measures. In cases such as these, SeafarerHelp’s helpline officers work with a network of organisations including ship owners, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), government agencies, welfare bodies, and ISWAN’s own regional teams in the Philippines, India and Nigeria, who are in close contact with their national maritime authorities, to arrange the help the seafarers need....

Posted On:14-May-2020

Crew welfare tops reasons for investment in communications - Seatrade Maritime News
The latest poll run on Seatrade Maritime News which gave readers five choices as to the why companies make investments in satellite communications for their vessels. Emerging as the top factor was crew welfare as the choice of 36% of readers. The crew welfare aspect of communications has been particularly in focus lately given the COVID-19 pandemic which has brought halt to almost all shore leave and crew changes.

The other two main choices of readers related to operational ship-to-shore communications. Some 26% of readers saw the collection of data from sensors to optimise vessel operations as the most important factor for investment in satellite communications, while 24% chose communications between the vessels and the office.

The other two factors – the ability to monitor sensitive cargoes and provision of training at sea – were both chosen by 7% of readers.  Seatrade Maritime News

Posted On:14-May-2020

Stranded Crew Crisis Is Ticking Time Bomb For Global Trade - Benzinga
You may have read those Kafkaesque stories about seafarers marooned on cargo ships month after month, unable to go home at the end of their work contracts due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

You may have thought, "How unfortunate," then turned your attention back to your own pressing business problems amid the pandemic.

A crisis for an Indian seafarer stuck on a Liberian-flagged ship because Indonesian authorities won t allow passage to the airport may seem distant from the challenges of a U.S. cargo shipper struggling to restock his or her shelves with goods from China and Thailand as social distancing eases.

But it s all connected. The plight of international seafarers is a ticking time bomb for the U.S. supply chain because ship crew cannot be forced to keep working forever and there are only two ways this impasse can end: Either governments finally ease travel restrictions, allowing crew to get home and replacement crew to restaff ships, or ships will start to be removed from the trading fleet.

If seafarers with expired employment contacts decline contract extensions — or their unions do not agree to extensions under collective-bargaining agreements — on-duty crews will fall below the minimum number of seafarers set by safe-manning requirements, at which point vessels may be considered unseaworthy.

Time is running out

Labor leaders representing seafarers want to start seeing evidence of progress just a few days from now, beginning this Saturday, and they want to see this issue on its way to resolution by June 15.

"Most of the countries of the world are trying to get back to normal, whatever normal looks like, and restart their economies, but if the ships aren t able to carry what they normally carry, the countries of the world will not be able to restart," warned Fabrizio Barcellona, assistant secretary of the seafarer section of the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF), the union that represents seafarers globally and coordinates with affiliated regional seafarer unions....

Posted On:14-May-2020

Indian seafarers to be evacuated through Vande Bharat Mission
Indian seafarers stranded in different parts of the world will have to register for evacuation through the Vande Bharat Mission so that the government can evacuate them, sources said here on Wednesday. The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) is compiling data about the seafarers who are likely to be part of the third phase of the evacuation towards the end of this month.

Informed sources said in response to online appeals from the seafarers that the COVID-19 module of the MEA is tracking around 20,000 seafarers located in the Caribbean, Latin America, Spanish coast, Gulf of Mexico among other areas.

“We have so far received 1,77,000 registered requests for evacuation of Indian nationals stranded in different parts of the world. This count is expected to go up in the coming few days as more people, especially the seafarers are being added. The seafarers will be part of the same ongoing global evacuation process and we are at present adding the data to our system as the requests pour in,” said a source familiar with the COVID-19 related response of the Ministry of External Affairs....

Posted On:14-May-2020

Baze Technology launches offline streaming service for vessels - Digital Ship
The new solution, named BazePort Seea aims to improve the crew welfare within commercial vessels. Crew will have the opportunity to watch the latest films available, receive updated news, listen to podcasts and receive important information from the captain, directly on their personal devices or TV screen.

A selection of films will be available with subtitles and dubbing options. The library is topped up with 10 new films every month and up to 28 hours of TV series every quarter.

Podcast listening is increasing in popularity, and the number of available podcasts has exploded over the last years. With BazePort Seea the crew gets access to an unlimited number of podcasts. Subscriptions to podcasts for free can enable crew to receive new podcasts every day.

The crew will also receive daily updated news in 13 different languages, from major providers worldwide. All films, series, news and podcasts are also available in a range of languages.

The system is also available in nine different languages, making sure the crew feel at home while using BazePort Seea.

Shipowners can use the Information Portal to share valuable information with the crew. This information will be seen on TV screens in the vessel and on each personal device of the crew.

BazePort Seea works in an offline environment, just like any regular BazePort IPTV setup. Lack of bandwidth may be a concern when considering a video on demand service, however, BazePort offers a dedicated mobile broadband service for for vessels that do not have spare bandwidth, or prefer having a dedicated line for this service.

Posted On:14-May-2020

New Direct Shipping Route Opens between Incheon and the U.S.
ncheon Port Authority announced the opening of the Pacific South 8 route for direct shipping between the United States and the Port of Incheon.

Previously, the service was provided by Hyundai Merchant Marine under the name of Pacific South 1. More recently, the company joined the THE Alliance and the name was changed to Pacific South 8. Members of the alliance such as ONE, Hapag-Lioyd and Yang Ming Line now use the new route.

The ports of call of Pacific South 8 are Incheon, Shanghai, Gwangyang, Busan, Long Beach, Oakland, Busan, Gwangyang and Incheon with Tacoma replaced with Oakland. Export shipping from Long Beach to Incheon takes 17 days and import shipping from Incheon to Long Beach takes 18 days. The lead time is three days shorter than that of the Pacific South 1 service.

The Port of Oakland is the largest cool cargo container shipping port in the Americas and the replacement is expected to add to the reefer container handling volume of the Port of Incheon.

The service from Incheon to the Americas has an annual volume of approximately 80,000 TEU. The new direct shipping route is expected to increase the traffic of the Port of Incheon by at least 50,000 TEU in the second half of this year. Source: Business Korea

Posted On:14-May-2020


Nigeria: 56 vessels stuck on Lagos waters, waiting to berth
About 56 vessels are currently waiting at the Lagos pilot anchorage in line with Federal Government’s order on COVID-19 prevention, while documentation process by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), is also being perfected.

This comes, even as cargo congestion frustrates operations at the terminals, thereby forcing operators to seek urgent evacuation of abandoned consignments.

Also, about 16 ships, which had been scheduled voyage at Lagos ports, have cancelled their trips in the past two months, going by the latest Shipping Position released by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA).

Seven of the trips involved the supply of petroleum products, while others are vehicles and other varieties. Of the 56 vessels waiting to berth, 30 ships are billed for TinCan Island Port, while 26 are going to Apapa Port.

Statistics from NPA, obtained by The Guardian, yesterday, showed that the vessels were tagged: CRNAPP, meaning, Customs Release Not Applicable (West Coast).

The vessels, mostly laden with containerised cargoes, also have used vehicles, wheat, Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), also known as petrol, base oil, and fish and a host of others, are currently awaiting approval to berth....

Posted On:14-May-2020