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18-Feb-2023 [12]
17-Feb-2023 [16]
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15-Feb-2023 [15]
14-Feb-2023 [19]
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1-Feb-2023 [15]
31-Jan-2023 [15]
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28-Jan-2023 [17]
27-Jan-2023 [20]
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31-Dec-2022 [14]
30-Dec-2022 [15]
29-Dec-2022 [22]
28-Dec-2022 [11]
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12-Dec-2022 [12]
10-Dec-2022 [20]
9-Dec-2022 [15]
8-Dec-2022 [20]
7-Dec-2022 [15]
6-Dec-2022 [17]
5-Dec-2022 [14]
3-Dec-2022 [20]
2-Dec-2022 [17]
1-Dec-2022 [17]
30-Nov-2022 [17]
29-Nov-2022 [19]
28-Nov-2022 [11]
26-Nov-2022 [14]
25-Nov-2022 [15]
24-Nov-2022 [17]
23-Nov-2022 [16]
22-Nov-2022 [25]
21-Nov-2022 [15]
19-Nov-2022 [22]
18-Nov-2022 [16]
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15-Nov-2022 [14]
14-Nov-2022 [15]
12-Nov-2022 [17]
11-Nov-2022 [21]
10-Nov-2022 [14]
9-Nov-2022 [20]
8-Nov-2022 [20]
7-Nov-2022 [15]
5-Nov-2022 [17]
4-Nov-2022 [14]
3-Nov-2022 [21]
2-Nov-2022 [17]
1-Nov-2022 [24]
31-Oct-2022 [16]
29-Oct-2022 [12]
28-Oct-2022 [12]
27-Oct-2022 [15]
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21-Oct-2022 [16]
20-Oct-2022 [17]
19-Oct-2022 [22]
18-Oct-2022 [21]
17-Oct-2022 [15]
14-Oct-2022 [9]
13-Oct-2022 [15]
12-Oct-2022 [19]
11-Oct-2022 [20]
10-Oct-2022 [20]
7-Oct-2022 [19]
6-Oct-2022 [16]
5-Oct-2022 [12]
4-Oct-2022 [16]
3-Oct-2022 [14]
30-Sep-2022 [17]
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28-Sep-2022 [14]
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26-Sep-2022 [15]
24-Sep-2022 [11]
23-Sep-2022 [23]
22-Sep-2022 [20]
21-Sep-2022 [17]
20-Sep-2022 [16]
19-Sep-2022 [17]
17-Sep-2022 [17]
16-Sep-2022 [15]
15-Sep-2022 [21]
14-Sep-2022 [19]
13-Sep-2022 [19]
12-Sep-2022 [17]
10-Sep-2022 [17]
9-Sep-2022 [16]
8-Sep-2022 [19]
7-Sep-2022 [17]
6-Sep-2022 [16]
5-Sep-2022 [19]
2-Sep-2022 [20]
1-Sep-2022 [26]
30-Aug-2022 [21]
29-Aug-2022 [17]
27-Aug-2022 [17]
26-Aug-2022 [20]
25-Aug-2022 [17]
24-Aug-2022 [12]
23-Aug-2022 [14]
22-Aug-2022 [14]
20-Aug-2022 [14]
19-Aug-2022 [15]
18-Aug-2022 [17]
17-Aug-2022 [15]
16-Aug-2022 [22]
13-Aug-2022 [19]
12-Aug-2022 [17]
11-Aug-2022 [17]
10-Aug-2022 [22]
9-Aug-2022 [19]
8-Aug-2022 [12]
6-Aug-2022 [12]
5-Aug-2022 [16]
4-Aug-2022 [21]
3-Aug-2022 [16]
2-Aug-2022 [17]
1-Aug-2022 [14]
30-Jul-2022 [14]
29-Jul-2022 [17]
28-Jul-2022 [19]
27-Jul-2022 [21]
26-Jul-2022 [20]
25-Jul-2022 [17]
23-Jul-2022 [17]
22-Jul-2022 [19]
21-Jul-2022 [17]
20-Jul-2022 [14]
19-Jul-2022 [14]
18-Jul-2022 [14]
16-Jul-2022 [12]
15-Jul-2022 [14]
14-Jul-2022 [16]
13-Jul-2022 [16]
12-Jul-2022 [16]
11-Jul-2022 [10]
9-Jul-2022 [17]
8-Jul-2022 [17]
7-Jul-2022 [16]
6-Jul-2022 [17]
5-Jul-2022 [10]
4-Jul-2022 [12]
2-Jul-2022 [8]
1-Jul-2022 [14]
30-Jun-2022 [14]
29-Jun-2022 [17]
28-Jun-2022 [17]
27-Jun-2022 [14]
25-Jun-2022 [16]
24-Jun-2022 [12]
23-Jun-2022 [12]
22-Jun-2022 [17]
21-Jun-2022 [11]
20-Jun-2022 [14]
18-Jun-2022 [10]
17-Jun-2022 [19]
16-Jun-2022 [17]
15-Jun-2022 [15]
14-Jun-2022 [19]
13-Jun-2022 [15]
11-Jun-2022 [19]
10-Jun-2022 [12]
9-Jun-2022 [16]
8-Jun-2022 [21]
7-Jun-2022 [17]
6-Jun-2022 [16]
4-Jun-2022 [8]
.: 19-May-2020 :. Search News

More backing for emotional care of sea-going crews
Deltalinqs, the Association of Rotterdam Shipbrokers and Agents, and the Port of Rotterdam Authority will encourage support to help organisations that care about the mental well-being of seafarers during this difficult period. This was the outcome of a Port Welfare Committee (PWC) meeting arranged by Harbour Master René de Vries. ‘Right now this work is very important.

The PWC is concerned for the mental well-being of the crews on sea-going vessels. It appears that the twelve social and spiritual organisations involved in visiting ships are finding their work difficult due to the extra measures introduced to cope with Covid-19. However, right now this work is very important, according to the Harbour Master and chair of the PWC. ‘I understand the concerns of terminals and shipping companies. Under no circumstances does anyone want Covid-19 on board or at the terminal. We ensure that the organisations we support are well equipped and take due account of the regulations of the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). The excellent work they do is in the port s best interests, says Bas Janssen, Managing Director of Deltalinqs, the association of port entrepreneurs....

Posted On:19-May-2020


India: GSAI requests to restart seafarers pension scheme - Oherald
The Goa Seamen Association of India (GSAI) President Frank Viegas has requested the State government to restart the Goa Seafarers Welfare Pension Scheme for the seafarers, on a priority basis.

Frank said that the State government failed to restart the scheme after lot of assurance from the Chief Minister and the ruling MLA. The scheme has been stopped without intimating the beneficiaries, putting great hardship, especially at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

"It would be a great help to our seafarers community who are mostly dependent on this aid which has been stopped from October 2019. The State government has to intervene on time to ensure that the unnecessary burden on the retired seafarers/widows who have to run from pillar to post for inquiry has to be avoided," he said.

"This assurance and hope, especially at this point of time during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, who are above 60 years of age, will help the needy seafarers,” he added.   Oherald

Posted On:19-May-2020

Support Our Seafarers: Stella Maris Centenary Rose launched -
Initiated by Philip Eastell, founder of CSSS ' Container Shipping Supporting Seafarers and supplied by World of Roses, the Stella Maris Centenary Rose has been launched to raise funds for seafarer support worldwide and mark the 100th anniversary of maritime charity Stella Maris

Martin Foley, CEO of Stella Maris said, “Stella Maris is very grateful to the World of Roses and CSSS for this wonderfully innovative initiative to raise valuable funds for our vital work in support of seafarers and their families.”...  -

Posted On:19-May-2020

India: Running chartered flights to bring back seafarers gather pace - BusinessLine
The government has given permission to ship management companies for operating chartered flights to bring back and also ferry seafarers to join ships overseas as the shipping industry looks at ways to resolve the crew change crisis never seen before.

On May 16, the Ministry of Home Affairs gave permission to MMS Maritime (India) Pvt Ltd for a chartered flight from Bangalore to Colombo to facilitate the movement of Indian seafarers to get employment opportunities in South Korea.

On the same day, the Home Ministry gave approval to Costa Cruise Company to repatriate 414 Indian seafarers stuck on cruise ships in Italy on three chartered flights to Goa, where these crew reside.

Synergy Marine Group is awaiting permission from the Ministry of External Affairs to bring a chartered flight to Mumbai, carrying 22 Indian seafarers who have signed off from a ship at Gulfhavn port in Denmark.

More shipping companies have applied for permission to operate charter flights with aircraft having capacity of 22-60 passengers much sought after....  BusinessLine

Posted On:19-May-2020

Maritime Medical: Keeping Ship Crews Healthy During a Pandemic - MarineLink
In the best of times, keeping ship crews mentally and physically healthy is a challenge premised on the inherent nature of and dangers in the job, plus the proximity of ship from ready, shoreside help. Add a global pandemic and the situation becomes untenable. We checked in with a select group of maritime medical care organizations for mitigating COVID-19 maritime medical risk.

Seafarers are an essential workforce to the global economy with as many as 1.5 million working day and night, securing the safe and efficient transportation of more than 90% of the goods that move across the globe.

This fact has never been more apparent than during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which has shuttered many industries and countries globally, leaving seafarers as the primary conduit to keep commerce flowing....  MarineLink

Posted On:19-May-2020

ShipMoney Digital Payment Solutions for Cash-to-Master - Sea News
Maritime Payment Solutions, LLC (d/b/a ShipMoney), a global, industry-leading provider of payment solutions for maritime companies, announced today the introduction of ShipMoney Virtual Cards and the Transfer Marketplace, two new services designed to expedite payments to crew members and their families while providing a broad range of remittance options. ShipMoney’s Virtual Card solution utilises Visa’s virtual card technology, which enables crew members to immediately access their wages from anywhere in the world while onboard or at home, directly from the ShipMoney App....  Sea News

Posted On:19-May-2020

Developing Galle harbor into a Global Crew Exchange Hub explored - Lanka Business Online
Sri Lanka is exploring the possibility of developing the Galle harbor into a Global Crew Exchange Hub by creating an environment for sailors to return to their respective countries via the Island.

This was discussed during a meeting with the representatives of leading local shipping companies at the Presidential Secretariat, today (18), President’s Media Division said.

The representatives of the shipping companies have revealed that daily more than 300 trade vessels sail 10 nautical miles away from the Galle Port and this will pave the way to generate huge foreign exchange revenue.

President has instructed the officials to adhere to health guidelines and regulations in the course of implementing this programme....  Lanka Business Online

Posted On:19-May-2020

DNV and China Shipbuilding to Develop Smart Ship - The Maritime Executive
China Shipbuilding Corporation and DNV signed a new joint agreement designed to support the development of a new generation of ships and offshore engineering. China Shipbuilding’s Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company (DSIC) will work with the classification society on an R&D project to develop a new smart ship project and a 3,500-ton heavy crane.

China Shipbuilding said in the statement announcing the new project that through its Big Ship Group it is working to expand its competitiveness in the high-tech fields serving global ship owners. The Big Ship Group is focused on the development of intelligent and new technologies for the shipbuilding company’s core products that include large oil tankers, container ships, bulk carriers, and high-standard offshore engineering facilities. DSIC has been working to grow its international business seeking clients in the Middle East and the oil industry....  The Maritime Executive

Posted On:19-May-2020

Fumigants entering crew�s spaces � a word of caution - Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide
Fumigants are the preferred choice in avoiding insect population when transporting agricultural products in bulk by sea. However, fumigants are often at least as poisonous to humans as to the pests against which they are used, and it is of crucial importance that fumigation operations are placed in the hands of qualified operators.

Sadly, Skuld notes that fumigants continue to cause injury to and take lives of seafarers. By this brief article, we wish to raise awareness about the possibilities of fumigants entering accommodation, engine rooms and other working spaces in the ship and how this can be avoided....

Posted On:19-May-2020

Proposal for SA to open its harbours for stranded ships in need of crew changes - CapeTalk
Approximately 150,000 mariners onboard commercial ships worldwide have been left adrift by Covid-19, despite expired work contracts.
These crew members have been trapped on containerships and other cargo vessels for longer than their contracted periods, which is typically between four months and a year.

Because of Covid-19 lockdown rules across the world, mariners have been stranded on ships, unable to disembark for the past two months, with no end in sight.

At the same time, mariners who have been on leave at home remain stuck at home, unable to get back to earning an income.

The shipping company Offshore Maritime Services has proposed that Cape Town and Port Elizabeth open their ports to facilitate crew changes for ships along the East-West shipping route....

Posted On:19-May-2020