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.: WHY ADVERTISE WITH US :. directs its offerings, which cover the exchange of information and services at the global shipping level. This is the largest maritime manning database available on the Internet, resulting in a unique and interactive shipping site. We believe there is a tremendous opportunity that exists for online advertising on our site.

  • Exclusive advertising within your industry sector.
  • A link from your banner to your website giving existing & potential customers direct access to your company.
  • Global exposure-24 hour marketing-7 days a week.

The Internet is the most effective medium that allows maximum involvement with your target individual or group consumer offering maximum innovation through its flexibility in your communication exercises.

Ability to target
Advertising on the Net offers you branding, visibility, and even the call for action which no other medium can promise.

Advertising on the Net provides you a common meeting ground for similar topics and interests and also enables you to track the effectiveness of the ad.

Therefore, using this advanced technology, the cost per meaningful contact in real terms vis a vis any other medium is much cheaper.

Internet v/s Conventional Media

Segmentation Yes Yes Part
Interactive Yes No No
Delivery Figures Actual Estimated Estimated
Turn around Time Least Mid-Range Higest
Real Time Feedback Yes No No
Cost/Contact Low High Very High

Why Advertise on
There are 4 million citizens in the country, a few million websites in existence today with very little difference to tell one from the other. But if you are thinking of advertising on the Net today to build mind-share early in the life of this medium, whom do you go to and which sites do you patronize? Advertising on is the smartest way to boost your business. As Jobships.Com is a highly focused and dedicated web portal for maritime professionals, every Rupee you spend is targeted at the right audience. Objective of is to fully and continually satisfy its customers. On this day, has a membership of more than 3000 Maritime Professionals. Can you afford to ignore this market!

Benefits of being with
Why should you have an ad in JOBSHIPS.COM?

A website can be a very economical way to promote your business to many prospective customers all over the world, but they have to find your website first, and registering with the search engines just isn't enough anymore! Many reasons why you should advertise in JOBSHIPS.COM are:

  • WHEN VISITORS FIND US, THEY FIND YOU The whole purpose of JOBSHIPS.COM is to provide our website visitors with a common meeting ground between Marine companies, Seafarers and Marine Institutes and to direct them to the area of interest who can supply them with what they are looking for. Our visitors aren't just out surfing the Web. They are seeking a specific product or service in a particular area of Marine recruitment. When they read your listing or ad on JOBSHIPS.COM, they are very targeted, hot prospects for you!
  • YOU PAY ONLY FOR RESULTS Why waste your money buying unproductive ad "impressions" on people who are not potential customers? Why pay for "circulation" to readers who may never see your ad? With JOBSHIPS.COM, you pay only for posting your ad or listing, not for the number of times it is displayed.
  • WE PAY TO BE AT THE TOP On certain search engines, we pay a fee to be at the top of the results listings when a web user searches for Marine-related topics. This guarantees that we will get noticed while others are buried several pages back in the listings
  • HIGHER SEARCH ENGINE RATINGS FOR YOU A link from our website may give you a better ranking with some search engines. Each ad or enhanced listing on our site has a permanent link to your site that is visible to the search engines, and this makes your site appear to be more popular to some of them and they may give you a higher place on their search results pages. This will not happen when you buy banner ads that are served by a banner advertising service, because those types of ads are ignored by the search engines. It won't happen when you are listed in a directory that creates its pages from a database, either, because those pages can't be found by the search engines.
  • WE PROMOTE RECOGNITION OF OUR SITE Our advertising cards are being placed in prominent marine periodicals and directories to increase awareness of our website.
  • WE ARE GETTING STRONG RESULTS. The number of visitors to our website is increasing enormously. Please See our statistics which is updated regularly.
And many of these visitors potentially can become your customers, because when they find us, they find you!

Considering how extremely inexpensive our rates are compared to the daily, monthly, or annual rates of newspapers, magazines, and printed yellow page directories , targeting your exposure with JOBSHIPS.COM may be one of the best advertising values on a cost-per-customer basis you can buy!

Top 10 Reasons to Advertise in

  1. is the fastest growing site in the Maritime industry. Traffic has doubled every two months.
  2. With over 100,000 page views per month, we are able to handle the biggest campaigns
  3. Jobships is the most recognized website for marine recruitment, featured on reputed maritime sites and highly positioned in major search engines
  4. In business since April 2000.
  5. Timely news, updated daily, makes Jobships a site users return to regularly.
  6. Top quality links are checked frequently.
  7. As an independent portal, is a credible, unbiased source of industry information and news. You will also reach an audience that is not duplicated in other media.
  8. Our dedicated professional sales team responds quickly, effectively and efficiently to advertisers' needs.
  9. Job searching is part of every seafarers life and provides the best opportunities for them. Your advertisements can be the best targets for their needs.
  10. provides many value added services to seafaring community. You can make the best use of this service by advertising on

Choose the Advertisement plan, best for you ! You can even opt for multiple plans.

Advertising placement in the is tailored to fit your exact specifications for target audience, product profile, exposure rate and budget. Comments from our users are testimonials to the positive experiences enjoyed by visitors to our site. Our rates are competitive, ad exposure rates and placements may be selected and your audience is receptive. Don't miss out on this business generating opportunity.....